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Why Are More Couples Filing for Divorce Later in Life?

 Posted on November 05,2020 in Divorce

Will County divorce attorneysIn today’s world, it is not uncommon for couples to seek out a divorce after one, two, or even three decades of marriage. Many see themselves in the clear after years of marriage; however, distance can develop at any point in your relationship. Also known as gray divorce, there are a number of reasons why couples are turning towards this legal split later in life, and for those who are making this decision mid-life, it is even more important to seek out reputable legal representation to help guide you through the process.

Financial Implications

Your financial state is constantly changing throughout your relationship. One year you may have the flexibility to go on multiple vacations, while a year later you may struggle to make ends meet. Financial difficulties are a common reason for any divorce, but especially for those who have arguments regarding their finances for years on end. Maybe one spouse is the primary breadwinner and makes all the financial decisions, or perhaps one of you has spending habits that sends your partner over the edge. For middle-aged couples, these constant arguments can add up and eventually lead to their demise.


Rarely do relationships survive instances of infidelity, especially after you have spent decades together and have full trust in your spouse. Being unfaithful in a marriage is one of the quickest ways that a relationship can become severed, and with various dating apps and websites at your disposal, it can feel as if temptation is surrounding you at all times. Baby Boomers tend to be individualists and can often place their own needs above others. While cheating may not carry the same stigma that it once did, these actions can still lead to severe consequences in a marriage.

More Time, Less in Common

Life expectancy has increased significantly with the help of modern technology and medicine. With vaccines readily available, high-tech scans detecting illnesses in the early stages, and medical improvements being made daily, people’s lives and their marriages are being extended much longer than ever before. While this can lead to more quality time with your spouse, longer lives can also lead to evolving interests and priorities over the years. For some, they can change so much that they no longer share the same life vision as their spouse. Married couples can often reach a point where they have become much different people than when they originally walked down the aisle, leading to the mutual decision to go their separate ways.

Contact a Joliet Divorce Attorney for Help

Divorce can happen at any stage in your life, and for some, your spouse’s decision to separate can come after decades of a life together. Whether you expected the split or not, it is important to work with a compassionate legal team who can guide you through the process, including the legal intricacies that come with divorcing later in life. Our attorneys at The Foray Firm are dedicated to protecting your rights and best interests in order to help you move forward with your life prepared for your future. Contact our Will County divorce lawyers at 312-702-1293 for help with your divorce.




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