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How Supervised Visitation Can Keep Your Children Safe

 Posted on May 20,2022 in Child Custody

IL custody lawyerSupervised visitation arrangements are often used in lieu of sole custody when one parent is unfit to be left alone with their children. The goal of supervised visitation is to allow children to maintain a relationship with both parents while also keeping them safe from any harm one parent could potentially cause. Supervised visitation involves having a trusted, responsible adult present while the unfit parent spends time with their children to ensure the children’s safety and wellbeing. Often, in cases where one parent initially asked for sole custody, supervised visitation works as a good compromise. If you are a parent in a situation where your children’s other parent could be a threat to them in any way, you should speak with a lawyer about the possibility of using supervised visitation. The children’s interests always come first in any Illinois child custody case.

How Does Supervised Visitation Work in Illinois?

Supervised visitation can take several forms. It can mean that the other parent will be able to have normal visitation in their home, but a designated adult the court trusts must be present at all times. Overnight visits are very rarely permitted when supervision is needed. In some cases, the parent requiring supervision will not be permitted to have the children in their home but can spend time with them in a public location like a park or a restaurant. This is often used when the main problem is that the parent cannot provide a suitable living environment for the children.

Designated visitation centers are another option. This is the most restrictive form of supervised visitation. The parent who must be supervised will only be allowed to spend time with their children in a facility specifically designed for supervised visitation. These centers are staffed by trained individuals and have stringent rules parents must follow, such as “no cursing.”

When Is Supervised Visitation Used?

Supervised visitation is now commonly used in situations where in the past, one parent would have had exclusive custody. It is common when one parent has a history of being an irresponsible caregiver or struggles with mental health or addiction issues. It may also be used if one parent has a criminal history that suggests to the court that leaving them alone with children might not be safe.

In cases of outright abuse, however, the court may decide that spending time with the abuser would be harmful to the children even with supervision. In these cases, sole custody could be a possibility.

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